Automobile Accidents

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Automobile accidents, especially car accidents, can certainly prove to be an ordeal. Often, the people involved are injured and their vehicles damaged, sometimes severely. In such cases, the legal system provides for a mechanism to establish fault and liability for payments to be made with respect to medical bills and automobile repairs. Additionally, auto accident cases can also prove to be extremely complex in terms of determining liability and fair compensation.

Understanding Automobile Accidents

The laws governing automobile accident cases are a combination of traffic and personal injury law. If you or your loved one has been in an auto accident, then hiring an attorney will help you negotiate with the other drivers involved and determine who exactly will be liable to pay for the damages caused. The courts in turn will then evaluate all the information at hand such as police reports, photographic evidence and other material evidence along with local traffic laws to determine which party is legally at fault and liable for the damages. The side that is help liable is then required to compensate the other party for medical and property expenses, as well as other harm caused such as lost wages, emotional distress along with pain and suffering.

However, in auto accident cases, determining liability and compensation can prove to be much more complex than a simple calculation. This is because in some cases, both or multiple drivers may be at fault. To complicate things further, each state has slightly different rules for situations where more than one person is responsible for the accident. Some states stipulate that one party pays all the bills while others require both parties to split the bills proportionately according to the amount each party is to blame.


Common Types of Auto Accident cases we handle –

Car Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Truck Accidents
Bicycle Accidents

Why Auto Insurance Matters

In such cases, having automobile insurance can go a long way in terms of helping settle monetary payments. Most people are not required to personally pay for all of the damages arising out of an auto accident. Insurance companies may pay to repair some of the damages or replacement costs of the vehicles and in some cases, medical expenses as well.

Whether it is dealing with insurance companies, analyzing evidence or bringing in relevant witnesses and experts, we will take care of everything for you. And to prove to you that we are in it together, we do not charge you a fee unless we recover money for you.

Why choose Mark Schiffrin P. A. Auto Accident Attorney in South Florida?

At Mark Schiffrin P. A., personal injury law firm for auto accidents, we believe in protecting our clients’ interests at the forefront, which is why you need to get in touch with us at the earliest after you or a loved one has been in an auto accident. We will then evaluate the merits of your auto accident case and advise you accordingly on how to proceed further. Personal Injury claims for automobile accidents are time-sensitive and must be filed within the stipulated time frame since investigations have to be carried out and evidence needs to be preserved. In South Florida, including the cities of West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Miami, our experienced lawyers at Mark Schiffrin P. A. law firm will help you follow through in your search for justice.

For a free consultation of auto accident personal injury claims and to discuss your case, you can call us on 954-961-3466 or email us at email-address.


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