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Know your rights after Boat accident injury

Boating is a great fun for the owners. But even while taking utmost care while riding a boat, accidents still happen. So, if you are involved in a boat accident and you may be wondering about your legal rights in South Florida, then here are some things you need to know.

What is a boat accident exactly?

Similar to other kinds of accident, boat accidents happen due to the collision with other boat or submerged obstacle like a rock or if a boat hit a big wave. In such kind of accident, both federal and state laws are applied. The accident should be immediately reported to the state authorities by the boat operator or the owner. A boat accident can be covered under personal injury lawsuit. However, the rule of negligence even applies in boat accidents. The attorney hired should be able to prove that the accident was due to someone’s negligence.

How do boat accidents happen?

So, if you are involved in a boat accident and looking for compensation then you should be ready to provide information how the accident occur. Boat accidents usually occur due to reasons mentioned below:-

Collision with another boat – This happens when a boat collides with another boat in the water. This usually happens in places where there are water sports and many people are riding at the same time. In such case, a legal case by an injured rider can be filed against the other rider, very similar to a car accident.

Hit by a wave – Hitting by a wave can be dangerous in boat accidents. This is because, the jolt caused by the heavy pressure of water can make passengers throw out of their seats or even worse, out in the water. Legal liability, in this case, is not very clear. However, the federal and state law authorities would see if the operator was following safe boating practices.

Hit by a rock or any submerged object – Visibility though has a great role to play in this kind of accident, however, even in the best of the weather and visibility, a boat can get collided with a rock or any submerged object. The compensation would depend on the circumstances. Authorities would check if the boat was driven at apt speed, nautical charts, GPS etc.

Types of compensation benefits

In the event of injury and liability, accident claims are quite similar despite the consequences. You are able to recover the same kind of damages in boat accidents that you receive in an auto accident like lost income, medical expenditures, physical injuries etc. But one thing to understand is that boat accident is not covered by motor vehicle insurance. Some homeowner policies might cover boat accidents. However, the homeowner policy would only cover if the accident happened while the boat was on the insured property.

How can an attorney help you recover the damages?

Even though insurance companies are the right ones to manage your personal injury claims, however, in many cases victims do not receive their compensation. Personal injury lawyers can help with filing claims and get the victims their deserved compensation. Call Mark Schiffrin P. A. at 954-866-7722, if you are looking for a boat or cruise ship injury attorney in South Florida. The firm has 30 years of experience in dealing with all kinds of personal injury cases with high success rate.


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