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You are in an automobile accident, or you fall on somebody’s property, or you are hurt in any kind of accident and it is not your fault. It is important to call us as soon as possible after the accident. Certain benefits that you are entitled to are time sensitive. Evidence needs to be preserved. Investigating certain aspects of the case needs to be done. Most importantly when you are hurt, it is crucial to seek medical attention. Please call us to discuss the case as soon as possible.

There are no fees for a consultation.
We will handle every aspect of the case and get you every dollar you deserve and you will not have to deal directly with any insurance companies. You do not pay any fees unless I recover money for you.

What Does Negligence Mean?

Most people understand that a car accident is another person’s fault and it is a negligent act, or that slipping and falling in a grocery store due to a spill, that the store knows about, could be a negligent act. What are other examples of negligence?

A negligent act is sometimes referred to as an accident, but it can also be a situation where an individual or company does not meet a certain standard of care and you are injured due to their fault. For instance, an apartment owner may know or should know that he or she has a duty to provide security at an apartment complex. You or a loved one is hurt by an intruder at the complex. You might very well have a claim against the owner as the attack might have been preventable if security was on duty at this apartment complex.

The same standard of care applies to Doctors doing surgery or diagnosing patients. It can also apply to a homeowner inviting you into their home or somebody driving a golf cart erratically at a golf course. There are many examples of an individual or corporation or city failing to meet a standard of care. If you are hurt because of any of the above reasons, please call me for an appointment so that we can determine if there is a claim that can be made.

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