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Personal Injury is defined as an injury to a person’s body, mind or emotions, as opposed to the damage to property. Such cases involve legal disputes arising when a person suffers bodily harm or injury (including emotional distress) as a direct result of someone else’s actions. A Personal Injury case may be filed to hold that person responsible and can be formalized through civil court proceedings via a court judgment. Alternatively, such disputes may also be resolved through informal settlements before any lawsuit is filed, which is a more common occurrence.

There are several types of personal injury claims that can be brought against an individual or entity. However, the more common ones include –

Lawsuit vs. Settlement

In a formal lawsuit, a Personal Injury case is typically initiated when a private individual (the ‘plaintiff’) files a civil complaint against another person or legal entity (the ‘defendant’). In such cases, the plaintiff alleges that the defendant acted negligently or carelessly in connection with an accident or injury that caused harm. This entire procedure is encapsulated as ‘filing a lawsuit seeking damages and compensation.’

However, in reality, most disputes are resolved informally through early settlements. Discussions regarding fair agreement typically involve the plaintiff and defendant, and their respective attorneys and insurers. Settlement figures are usually arrived at via negotiations between the two parties and resolved by the payment of such money. Subsequently, both sides enter into a written agreement in which both parties forego any further action such as filing a lawsuit.

Understanding the Importance of the Statute of Limitations

Plaintiffs are required to file a lawsuit within a stipulated amount of time called a ‘statute of limitations.’ The time provided to plaintiffs dictated by the statute of limitations usually begins when the plaintiff is injured or discovers the injury. As a result, it is vital for you, as a plaintiff, to get in touch with a Personal Injury attorney at the earliest.

Why choose Mark Schiffrin P. A. Personal Injury Law Firm in South Florida?

At Mark Schiffrin P. A., personal injury law firm, we believe in putting our clients’ interests at the forefront, which is why you need to get in touch with us at the earliest after you or a loved one has been in an accident or experienced injury. We will then evaluate the merits of your case and advise you accordingly on how to proceed further. Personal Injury claims are time-sensitive and must be filed within the stipulated timeframe since investigations have to be carried out and evidence needs to be preserved.

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