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Despite stringent laws about and safety regulation, many people get injured in bus accidents. There could be a variety of reasons for which the accident can occur and if you have been a part of a bus accident, then you may be entitled to receive compensation for the damages occurred. However, in order to get the claim, you would need an expert to guide you through your claim process.

Who is at fault?

n order to process any personal injury claim, it is very important to determine the party at fault. For instance, in the case of an accident, there was a huge damage to the front side of the bus, however, the passengers are not injured in the collision, and passengers cannot demand compensation. But later if it was proven that the passenger was not wearing a seatbelt during the accident, then the passenger would be held responsible and again no compensation would be granted. However, if the accident occurred due to bus driver error, then the bus company is responsible for paying the compensation.


Similarly, if it was found that the accident was caused due to bad roads and poor highway maintenance, then the local authorities responsible for road safety are the ones who should be paying the compensation for the damages. Thus, it is important to know which part is at fault to process the claim further.

Value of compensation expected in bus accident

Regardless of the fact that how many passengers, driver or pedestrian injured in the accident, every claim would be dealt separately when it comes to file a personal injury lawsuit. The value of compensation can be determined by the extent of injuries caused, medical expenses incurred to the accident and loss of income as you were injured and unable to attend office. To process a personal injury claim, you would need to gather as much information as possible that took place before and after the incident.

Get Legal help from a Bus Accident Attorney

Though you have an option for fighting your personal injury claim yourself, but you need to be well versed with laws related to personal injury. If you are not confident will all the aspects of personal injury laws, then it’s best to hire a personal injury lawyer to file your claim. There are many advantages of hiring a bus accident attorney:-


An experienced and reputed lawyer would have all the knowledge pertaining to personal injury. So, the lawyer would be able to cover all the legal aspects of your case. This would increase your chances of succeeding in making a claim.


A bus accident lawyer would know what all evidence is important to build your case stronger and accordingly help you to gather relevant evidence. This will strengthen your case and your probabilities of receiving the compensation.


Finally, a bus accident attorney would save you a lot of time and stress. Since they are well versed with all the legal aspects; they can make your life a lot easier after the accident.


Hence, hiring a South Florida Bus Accident Lawyer is your best bet. You can call Mark Schiffrin P. A. Law firm at 954-866-7722 if you are looking for a personal injury lawyer.


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