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Car accidents are a common scenario today. Hundreds of people die every day in South Florida due to the recklessness of other people. So, if you have been involved in car accidents, you can file a personal injury claim against the offender.

What is car accident liability?

In a car accident, there are two parties involved; the first party is the injured party and the other party is the person who caused the accident. After determining the party responsible for car accidents, a car accident liability claim can be filed. When there are one or more parties involved, the liability helps in determining the party to be blamed. It is important because it affects the compensation and legal case after the accident.

The blame game claim

Laws for car accident liability differ from state to state and are influenced by many factors. However, there are certain factors that are common when it comes to determining the liable party. Here are some factors that can determine the fault:-


Drunk Driving – If you or the other party is found under the influence of alcohol, then for all obvious reasons that person is held liable for the claims. If the claimant itself is found guilty, then no compensation or claim can be expected from the insurance company.


Using cell phone while driving – Despite laws, there are many people who use phone while driving. In many countries using cell phones while driving is considered illegal because then your focus is changed from your car to your cell phone than can cause an accident. So, if any of the parties is found using a cell phone while driving, that party is to be blamed.


Unfamiliar with driving laws – For driving, you require driving skills. If you are not a very confident driver and despite that you take the car on road and end up injuring someone, then you are responsible for the accident.


Unfamiliar with vehicle – This usually happens when you take someone else’s car to drive and you are not too familiar with the techniques of the car, then you are more likely to cause the accident. In this case, more than you the other person are held responsible for paying the claims because that person allowed you to drive the vehicle knowing that you are not too familiar with the techniques.


Driving an unfit vehicle – It is not always driver’s negligence that causes an accident. Sometimes, due to mechanical issues as well accidents occur. Driving a car that is not fit to be on the roads and then causing accident makes you responsible. Though you have been focussed while driving, however, during the investigation it was found that there were some mechanical issues with the car, you are responsible for paying the claims.

How can a car accident lawyer help you?

If you have been a victim of a car accident or someone in your family has suffered injuries or wrongful death because of another person’s negligence, then you can file a claim against the negligent driver. For this, you require a South Florida personal injury lawyer who can help you present your case in the court of law to get you compensation and justice you deserve. If you a resident of Florida and involved in a car accident in South Florida, contact our auto accident lawyers at 954-866-7722 to discuss the possible outcomes of your case.


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