Catastrophic Injury

How catastrophic injuries can ruin a patient’s life?

An injury can be called a catastrophic injury if it has a long-term effect on the life of a victim. Catastrophic Injuries are life altering and life-threatening injuries. These injuries require long term medical help, personal assistance, rehabilitation, medical equipment even long after the accident has occurred. Catastrophic injuries result in permanent disability of a patient and it does not just affect the life of the victim but also of the family members who are providing their support and care.


Patients suffering from catastrophic injuries end up in life dependency, unemployment, and loss of quality of life. When such kind of incident occurs due to the negligence of another person that could have been prevented, it is all the more devastating for the family and the patient. Hence, the personal injury law comes into existence to provide justice to people who are suffering because of the wrongdoing of another person. A victim, in this case, can file for a claim to support his long-term financial medical help.

Types of catastrophic injuries

Below is the list of some catastrophic injuries. A point to consider while filing a claim would be that the amount of financial recovery would depend on the extent of injury and investigation.

Brain Injury – The reason brain injury accounts for catastrophic injury is because a serious damage to your brain can make a patient impaired for life. Brain injury can occur, either due to an accident that was caused by another person’s negligence or due to some fall or hideous crime or misdiagnosis of a medical problem. All these factors encounter for brain injury. A person can be in a coma or just be simply being brain dead for the rest of his life.


Many times, brain injuries get unnoticed by the victim and they can result in severe damages. A person might not realize until he/she see significant signs of unconsciousness, seizures or memory loss, personality change etc. A tear in blood vessels in the brain can increase the pressure that can further cause a brain hemorrhage. So, if someone in your family has suffered a head injury, immediate medical attention is prudent to know the extent of the injury and if further, you can file a lawsuit.


Spinal Injuries – Spinal Injuries also factors under catastrophic injuries because any damage to the spine can make a person paralyzed permanently. Since our spine and brain, both are connected to our nervous system, damage in this area can result in serious medical issues. Thankfully, due to the advancement in the medical field, victims suffering from spinal injury can have an improved quality of life; however, it demands a lot of medical expense. Spinal injuries and their recovery can be very expensive. Therefore, if your spinal injury is a result of the act of negligence, you would require a qualified and experienced catastrophic injury lawyer to help with your right of compensation for the damages.

Whom to hire for catastrophic injuries?

Every state has its own laws and regulations for catastrophic injuries. But, if you are a resident of Florida and a victim of catastrophic injury, then Mark Schriffin P.A law firm is the place to go. This law firm has a team of lawyers that has a significant amount of experience in dealing with all genres of personal injury cases. Our South Florida catastrophic injury lawyers would do a detailed analysis of your future medical costs, loss of income and emotional stress as well as secure financial future of the victim as well as the family. Call now at 954-866-7722 to get free consultation.


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