Drunk Driving Accidents

Impact of Drunk Driving accidents

Drinking and driving are a criminal offense and it can to a variety of consequences like hefty fines, imprisonment and hurting or killing someone. Every country has their own rules when it comes to drinking and driving.

What accounts for drinking and driving?

When a person is injured, either due to drunk driver negligence or the driver hurts himself due to drinking, in both cases, charges are pressed against that person. If you are injured to other person’s negligence, then you can demand full compensation for your damages like physical injuries, mental trauma, medical expenses and loss of income. Victims of drunk driving receives more compensation than people injured in other car accidents

Responsibility for accident caused by drunk driving

Unlike other states, Florida has different laws when it comes to dram shop laws. Under dram shop law, in a case of an accident, the licensed establishments are also held responsible for the accident. However, the dram shop law in Florida is limited.If the defendant is found under the age of 21 and post investigation it shows that the bar served liquor to the defendant, then, in this case, the bar is held responsible for the accident along with the defendant for consuming alcohol under the required age. An establishment is not allowed to serve liquor to anyone under the age of 21.


In the case of a habitual drinker, if found that a third party is responsible for serving liquor to a habitual drinker, then the law extends liability to the third party. However, most of the time businesses are protected from the liability because they claim that they were unaware of the habit of the intoxicated.

Liability in drink driving accidents

If you are anyone of your family is a victim of drunk driving and you have enough evidence to prove it, then you have all the rights to file a lawsuit against the offender. A wrongful death lawsuit can also be filed if someone has been killed due to the accident.


In order to build your case, you would require a medical report that proves that the defendant was under a significant amount of alcohol that restrained the driver from taking safety steps for driving and also showcase proofs that the driver did exercise reasonable for public safety. You would need to file a police complaint, gather witnesses (if any) and take expert opinion on the matter. Once all the paperwork is ready, a personal injury attorney can help you file your case in the course and it has been seen that even jury members show no leniency against such people.

Get help from Mark Schriffin P. A Law Firm

Whether it’s you or someone you love, then you deserve to be compensated for the suffering that another person has caused to you. That is the reason it is advised to speak to a South Florida personal injury lawyer, particularly who have a right amount of experience in dealing with drunk driver victims.


A personal injury lawyer would work with an insurance company, doctors and therapists to ensure that you are receiving good medical care along with other expenses like medical and loss of income. So, if you are injured in the drunken driving accident and a resident of South Florida contact Mark Schriffin P.A law firm to discuss your options. Call us now at 954-866-7722 to get free consultation.


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