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Mark Schiffrin P. A. is a top personal injury law firm which represents clients injured in Aventura, FL. We have been handling all types personal injury matters including auto accident, slip and fall, wrongful death, and product liability. We provide you the attention and guidance required to filing the personal injury claims and obtain the compensation you deserve. Our Aventura personal injury attorneys help you in all stages of personal injury from initial investigation through trial and appellate proceedings. We won’t charge you any legal fees for consultation. We assure you that your lawsuit and its outcome are in safe hands and we will support you until we overcome the consequences.

Aventura Automobile Accident Attorney:

If you got injured in an auto accident for no fault of yours, then you have the right to get the compensation from the responsible party. Automobile accident cases can be complex and it is really important for you to have a strong representation behind you from the start. Our local car accident lawyers have the experience, knowledge and commitment to effectively handle your case in Aventura. Learn more about our auto accident attorneys.

Aventura Slip and Fall Attorney:

Slip and Fall cases is Premises Liability primarily occurs due to negligence of commercial or residential property owner. If you or loved one was injured due to slip and fall on someone’s area, you are liable to get the compensation you deserve for the damages and medical expenses. You can contact our slip and fall attorneys to discuss the potential claims of your case. We will answer your questions and help you understand the legal process. Learn more about our slip and fall lawyers.

Aventura Product liability Attorney:

If you or your loved was harmed or injured due to defective product, you have the rights to file the claim against liable party for releasing such product. Filing the product liability claims can be complex so in such situation you will need opinion of a product liability attorney. A professional lawyer can understand your case and can help you in getting the compensation you deserve. Contact our team product liability lawyers to discuss the potential outcomes of your case.

Accidents due to Negligence:

If you have been injured due to negligence of other person or party, ask for the legal help from professional negligence attorneys serving the residents of Aventura. We as team of professional injury attorneys understand your case and can help you in getting justice. Our firm is dedicated to helping you to get the compensation which you are entitled, through a negotiated settlement. Learn more about our negligence attorneys.

Aventura Wrongful Death Accident Attorney:

We understand that the death of a loved one can be disturbing, especially if it happened due to carelessness of someone either intentionally or unintentionally. At Mark Schiffrin P. A., we know that there is nothing that can make the pain of a death go away but you also need to take care of your financial future. Our wrongful death attorneys have experience in protecting the legal rights and get deserved compensation. Learn more about our wrongful death lawyers.

How a Personal Injury Attorneys can help you to claim compensation?

A professional personal injury law firm is dedicated to fighting for injury victims and recovering everything they are entitled to. We as a legal consultant and personal injury lawyers in Aventura can help you to file a case against the responsible party and can protect your legal rights.


Lawyers at Mark Schiffrin P. A. have excellent reputations for honesty, ability and strong advocacy. We have helped many residents of Aventura and ensure that we will fight for your rights and get the compensation you deserve for your damages and medical expenses.


For any further information or to discuss the potential outcome of your case, please contact us at 954-866-7722. You can also email us at schiffrinlaw@bellsouth.net.


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