Mark Schiffrin P. A. is a personal injury law firm that provides legal consultancy to the injured victims in Miramar. We have team of professional lawyers that handles all type of personal injury claims. Lawyers at Mark Schiffrin P. A. holds decades of experience in protecting the rights of personal injury plaintiff and their lawsuits.


As a best injury law firm in Miramar, we work dedicatedly with all our clients to put their requirements first while pursuing their compensation with commitment and diligence. All important decisions regarding your case will be taken together and we won’t charge you any fees for consultation. We assure our clients that their personal injury lawsuit and its outcome are in safe hands. We will always behind you until we obtain a full recovery for you.

Miramar Personal injury Attorney:

If you’ve been injured, you will need personal injury attorneys or law firm to negotiate a fair settlement, or to file a claim on your behalf. Our personal injury lawyers can help you get the compensation for medical expenses, temporary or permanent disability, lost wages and damages. Learn more about personal injury lawsuit.

Miramar Automobile Accident Attorney:

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you need professional accident lawyers who can help you in filing the claim for your case. We as experienced car accident attorneys can fight for you to help in getting justice. Our law firm will provide you free legal consultation and try to clearly answer all of your questions, concerns and inquiries. Learn more about our car accident attorneys.

Miramar Slip and Fall Accident Attorney:

If injury happens due to slip and fall accident, you will definitely need a professional slip and fall lawyer on your side. We have a team of professional attorneys who have specialization in slip and fall accidents. We will first understand your case and can fight for you to help you in getting the compensation for your damages and medical expenses. Learn more about our slip and fall attorneys.

Miramar Product liability Attorney:

If you or your loved one is harmed by defective product, number of parties can be held responsible for producing the product. In such situation, you need an expert attorney on your side who can understand your case and can help you in getting a justice. Our professional product liability attorneys have decades of experience in handling such type of cases. We will help you to file a case against the responsible individual or company.

Accidents due to Negligence:

If you are injured through accident due to negligence of other person’s carelessness or attitude, you can hire a negligence attorney to understand the possible outcome of your case. Our team of lawyers serve the victims of Miramar who have been involved in negligence cases. Lean more about negligence attorneys.

Miramar Wrongful Death Attorney:

Legal expert opinion is must in wrongful death cases and our team of wrongful death lawyers have experience in handling such type of cases in Miramar. We can guide you through the process to file a case against the responsible person or party and help you to receive the monetary damages you are entitled to. Learn more about our wrongful death lawyers.

How a Personal Injury Attorney can help you to get the compensation?

As you know now that a personal injury case is defined as a person suffering an injury or bodily harm resulting from the negligence of another person or a company. We as a team of professional personal injury lawyers can help you to file a case against the guilty and fight to protect your rights.


Mark Schiffrin P.A law firm has been handling all type of personal injury matters in Miramar since 1983. We work dedicatedly to protect the legal rights of our clients. We give you personalized service from start to finish.


To get free consultation of your case, please contact us at 954-866-7722 or 954-961-2082. You can also email us at schiffrinlaw@bellsouth.net.


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