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Medical malpractice is unacceptable and anyone found following it should be convicted. For years, many patients have died due to medical malpractice and that is the reason since 1994 laws were laid to help the victims of this obscene crime. Medical malpractice attorneys in South Florida represent the victims of malpractice.

Define Medical Malpractice

One can claim compensation under medical malpractice when a person is injured or dead due to a negligence of a doctor or medical professional during the course of treatment or recovery. A person who is a victim in South Florida can hire a medical malpractice lawyer for compensation. However, the claim should have certain characteristics to be defined as medical malpractice claim:-

Negligence during the course of treatment – There are certain standards set by the government that a patient must undergo during his/her treatment. A patient has a right to expect the healthcare professional would follow these standards in order to provide treatment. If found during investigation that the standards of care were not by the doctor or medical institution, then a case of negligence under medical malpractice can be filed


The injury caused due to the negligence – A patient cannot demand recovery charges only on the basis of negligence during standard care. He or she must have suffered some injuries due to the negligence, and then only a case of malpractice can be filed.


Significance damages due to injury – An injury is sufficient enough to show that the doctor was negligent. But, if the damages are severe because of the injury, then it can help boosting the case. Also, going through a malpractice claim can be tedious as well as expensive. So, unless the injury is severe, a person should consider about filing a case because the cost of pursuing the case would be far more than the damages.

Types of Medical negligence

Medical negligence is not only typical to high-end surgeries. It can happen even during your regular health check-up visit. Below are some common forms of medical malpractice:-

Incorrect diagnosis – Diagnosis is the first step to a medical treatment. Correct diagnosis would result in correct treatment and healthy recovery. However, if a patient is diagnosed incorrectly, the course of treatment would change completely that can hamper the condition of the patient. Therefore, correct diagnosis is the key to success in treatment.


Delayed diagnosis – Many patients in the world die due to delay in medical treatments. A doctor is found negligent if they do not attend to the patient timely and that results in deterioration of the condition or death. Usually, this happens if the doctor is overburdened with work and does not provide timely medical care.


Error during surgery – Surgeries are critical. Hence, the doctors need to take utmost care during surgical procedures. Any kind of misjudgment or negligence can result in organ failure, paralysis, immune system failure, and death. Thus, it requires a high level of skills to perform surgeries. Doctors found conducting unacceptable errors during surgery can result in fatalities.

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