Motor Vehicle Accidents

Make motor vehicle lawyer your best friend in personal injury claim


Accidents are bound to happen, especially if you own a vehicle. No matter how cautiously you drive, you tend to cause an accident or end up as a victim of a car accident. Fortunately, if you have received injuries in the accident because of some other’s fault, then you are entitled to personal injury compensation and a car accident attorney can help you in getting your claim settled.


Why do you need a personal injury lawyer ?

Personal injury law is complex and requires years of experience as well as the expertise to deal with such cases. Dealing with insurance companies is not easy as most of the time they don’t pay the claims so easily and would do everything to prove that it was not their insurer’s fault. Hence, you need proper guidance and help through the entire claim process so that you receive deserved compensation. Mark Schiffrin P. A is a personal injury law firm who has been dealing with all kinds of personal injury cases for the last 30 years and have helped various families in receiving the right amount of compensation.


Causes for Vehicle accident

Car accidents can be very disturbing. But you can avoid them if you follow the traffic rules. However, in most of the auto accident cases, it is found that the fault is of another driver in a car accident. Let us see some reasons as to why cars end up in an accident:-

Traffic rules violation – Very important and prime reason for many accidents is the traffic violation. Despite knowing that traffic rules are laid for the driver’s safety and security, yet many car drivers fail to follow them and cause accidents. Some of the common traffic violations are jumping red lights, changing lanes without indication, overtaking from the wrong side, over-speeding etc.


Drink and driving – Another common factor for the majority of car accidents. Drinking and driving are absolutely prohibited; still many drivers don’t understand the repercussions of it. It is very normal to lose your car control when you are under the influence of alcohol and that too higher than the permissible limit.


Mechanical failure
– Many times, it is not the fault of the driver that caused the accident, but due to some defect in the car part or any mechanical failure, the accident was caused. That is the reason it is always recommended to get your vehicle serviced timely so that you don’t end up in an accident.


Poor road maintenance – Poor road conditions or debris on the roads can cause serious accidents. This usually happens on highways when car is at their maximum speeds. Bad roads can fumble the car and can cause an accident.

Common Accident Injuries

Car accidents many times end up in severe injuries and even fatalities. Here are some injuries that can be caused due to car accidents:-


Head injury – it is obvious to receive a head injury in car accidents because the moment the car collides, your head is the first thing that comes in contact with steering and if the impact is high, then you can even be thrown out of the windshield.


Back injuries – Another common injury caused in a car accident is the back injury because, during the collision, your body gets a jerk that can cause damage to your spine.
Chest injuries – forceful collisions can cause broken ribs or collapsed lungs. People suffering from heart problems can immediately go into cardiac arrest.
Broken limbs – Injuries to your limbs are common in car accidents. People driving two-wheelers mostly receive fractures.

Hiring an attorney

This should be your immediate step after you have decided to file a personal injury claim. A good car accident attorney can get you justice and the right amount of compensation you deserve for your sufferings. Call Mark Schiffrin P. A. law firm at 954-866-7722.


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