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Knowing your legal responsibilities about motorcycle accident

Riding a bike is a fun experience, but the kind of risk that comes with is extremely high. This is because motorbike drivers are exposed from all the corners on the road compared to other forms of transport like car drivers. So in case if they run into any accident, they have the high possibilities of getting serious injuries and a lot of it depends on the speed you are driving.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Motorcycle accidents contribute to 19% of the total road fatalities in Florida. Hence, as a motorcycle driver, you should be aware of your rights and remedies if you are involved in motorcycle accidents. The insurance laws for two-wheeler riders might be different to that of an automobile driver. Therefore, it is important to get yourself an attorney from Mark Schiffrin P. A. regarding the applicable laws in Florida state.

Causes for the accident

Motorcycle accidents may not be frequent as compared to other forms of accidents, but the riders are more likely to result in severe injuries or even death. Below are some common causes of these accidents:-

Lane splitting – The reason prefer riding a bike to work or college is because it gives them the edge in traffic jams. Motorcycle riders usually have a habit of splitting lanes when either the traffic is slow in the two lanes or stopped. This occurs to be a big reason for the accidents because they are in the close proximity of the car with little space to manoeuvre, they end up causing accidents.


Head on collisions – This is the primary cause of death in most of the motorcycle accidents. When a car hits a bike in the front from the front of the car, 80% of the time the head on collision is fatal to the motorcyclist.


Collision with fixed objects – Motorcyclist when running into a pole or some kind of fixed object on the road with high speed, they are more likely to be thrown far and hard because they are not guarded by any box of metal. This kind of accidents also result in fatalities.


Road Hazards – Motorcyclist has higher risk rate when it comes to road hazards. Since motorbikes are less stable, hence the potholes, shoddy pavement conditions, uneven heights between lanes poses great risks to the riders.

Legal Responsibility of the Motorcyclist

A motorcyclist claim is usually governed by the law of “negligence”. This means that the insurance company would check if the accident was caused due to the fault of the motorcyclist or it was a result of someone’s lack of judgment. Even if found partially at fault, then he may not be able to receive any recovery under contributory neglecting principles. In this case, the insurance company would calculate the damages caused by each party.

Getting compensation

Motorcycle accident claims can be complicated and would require legal consultation and help from a South Florida personal injury lawyer. Mark Schriffin, P. A. is a personal injury law firm that deals in all kinds of personal injury claims. The firm has 30 years of experience in providing successful resolution. So call lawyers of Mark Schiffrin P. A. at 954-866-7722 to know about your rights of compensation in a motorcycle accident.


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