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Everything you need to know about product liability claim

Have you ever used a product that has caused serious harm to you? If yes, then you desperately need a product liability lawyer to help you get justice.


It is a competitive world today and everyone wants to be on the top of their game. But they don’t realize that in turn, their actions can have adverse effects on other people’s life. There are thousands of products today that are available in the market. Some of them are good while some of them are bad. Products that are substandard can cause health hazards to customers and in some cases, even become fatal. The government of Florida has taken some serious actions and has laid down laws for the safety and protection of common citizens. Hence, there are quality norms that every product needs to follow and even then, there are instances where consumers suffer serious damages.

What is Product liability claim?

It is a kind of claim that is called in situations when due to defective manufacturing and improper marketing gimmicks, a faulty product is launched in the market that may prove to be absolutely dangerous for consumers. In these cases, a product liability claim can be asked by the consumer for the damages suffered from the product manufacturer.

Types of Product defects in Product liability claim

As mentioned earlier, a product liability claim is due to injuries suffered post consumption of a defected product. Thus, there are three main categories where you can ask for the claim. Understanding these claims is utmost importance because that will further help you in determining whether or not it is valid to claim as well as help the lawyer prepare a strategy for you. The three main categories are:-

Defective Product – Obviously, you can’t claim a compensation under product liability until the product was defective. A product can be declared as defective if the signs of flaw are found during the manufacturing. Some examples can be, mop missing brake pads or a cracked chain on a faulty swing


Defect in Design – A defect in design can be defined as a situation when the company liable did not realize that the risk could be reduced if alternative design could be followed, despite the fact that manufacturer had the ability to produce it without putting too much cost and the product would deliver same results for which it was created.


Inadequate warnings before consumption – it is a prime responsibility of a product manufacturer to provide a statutory warning about the product’s use. If a company fails to provide these warnings or instructions and because of this a consumer faces injuries, they can file a product liability claim.

People responsible for product liability

For a product liability to arise, a product must be sold in market at some point of time. A product manufacturer can be held liable for selling a defected product in the market and because of which consumer has suffered severe injuries. Responsibility lies with the sellers of the product in the distribution chain.

Role of Product liability Lawyer

Product liability claims are complex and hence requires the intervention of an experienced attorney that can prove, the injuries are caused are solely due to the negligence of the manufacturer. However, every state has its own laws and regulations regarding liability claims. Therefore, you must contact a local product liability lawyer who has the experience in dealing these cases and also determine the success rate.


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