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Air travel is the fastest and convenient way to travel across the world. However, this kind of travel comes with huge amount of risks. One of the biggest fears about air travel is that the probability to survive in an air crash is almost next to nil. You might not be a frequent air traveler, but it is human nature to worry about the risks involved in aviation transportation.


The number of passengers traveling by air is increasing by every passing year and so is the risk of the life of people involved in an air accident. Though it is considered as the safest way to travel, yet whenever any accidents occur, it often results in fatalities. If you have been involved in an air accident or you have lost some of your family members in a plane crash, it is your right to demand compensation from the airlines for your loss.

Causes of Air Accidents

Whether you plan to travel through a non-commercial aircraft like personal jets, small planes, charter planes, helicopters etc or you travel by commercial airlines, the air accident law covers both the kinds of aviation accidents. Some of the major causes of aviation accidents are:-


Pilot Error – Pilot is the most important person in the airline industry. All controls are is in their hands. Even a small misjudgment can cause a serious accident. It is their attentiveness and proactive behavior that can save the life of passengers during the time of danger. Hence, a pilot needs to be vigilant all the time in order to protect the passengers from potential danger.


Poor Maintenance – Aircraft needs to be checked for any wear and tear before and after the flight. If the maintenance team find any sign of defect, the flight should not be allowed to take off for the journey because it can cause crashes. Hence, every aircraft should be checked thoroughly before and after making a journey.


Mechanical error – It is mandatory for all airlines to buy genuine and perfect. Defective parts can malfunction during the journey and cause serious accidents. Therefore, no negligence should be accepted in case of defected plane parts.


Neglecting ATC instructions – Air traffic control is a team of people who are responsible for guiding the pilots about the routes and alert them of any complications that may arise. A pilot is required to follow the instructions from ATC. Any miscommunication from the either end can result in accidents.


Environmental causes – Storms, bad weather is not in control of any pilot or agency. However, today the technology has become so advanced that usually, pilots are aware of the weather updates. Still, it poses a big risk.

Why should you choose Mark Schiffrin P.A.?

Aviation accident claims are complex and hence, requires an extensive amount of knowledge about state, Federal and International laws. Aviation litigation requires a great deal of research as the trial may take place in different courts. In order to determine the party at fault, the lawyer must be able to prove that the person responsible did not meet the industry standards related to the operation of airlines and this can only come with experience. Mark Schriffin P. A. law firm has been solving personal injury claims in different fields for the last 30 years. They have helped many families in getting justice and compensation they deserve. So, if you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable aviation accident lawyer, call our South Florida law firm at 954-866-7722.


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