Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

The spinal cord is an important part of our central nervous system as it helps in doing our daily activities. Any injury caused to this part can be devastating and can have a distressed effect on your life. Spinal cord injuries are considered very risky in the medical world. Anyone suffering from this type of injury would require lifetime medical care and rehabilitation. Since medical costs are increasing day by day, the expense of taking care of the patient might not be possible after a certain amount of time. That is why you need a spinal cord injury lawyer to help you get through those expenses, only if found that the injury was caused due to another person’s negligence.

What is spinal cord injury?

Any damage to any part of the spine or nerves in the spine can be considered as spinal cord injury. In this injury, a patient can be paralyzed for life and can even result in death. The spinal cord is an important part of the human body because it helps in sending messages from the brain to other parts of the body and vice-a-versa. A spinal cord injury can be a result of any unexpected accident or a violent attack. A person suffering from this injury would have problems in walking, limb movements, pain or numbness, headaches, shocks etc.

Patient’s Legal Rights after a Spinal cord injury

One cannot work or lead a quality life with this kind of injury. This means that a patient is bedridden for the rest of his or her life. Being bed ridden can cause mental trauma, obviously the loss of income, lifetime dependency, skyrocketing medical expenses and leading a good life like going out on vacations or spending time with family or friends. For patients who suffered this injury due to the act of negligence of another person, can file a lawsuit against the offender and look for compensation.


The compensation may include hospitalization, lifelong medical care expenses, rehabilitation expenses, loss of income, counselling and psychiatric care. Always remember that the laws governing spinal cord injury lawsuits differ from state to state, thus, only a qualified lawyer can help you through the compensation process.

How can a lawyer help?

Personal injury lawyers are your best option if someone in your family has suffered from spinal cord injury. A lawsuit is only applicable if you are able to provide necessary evidence showcasing that the injury was caused due to the third person’s negligence. A good and experienced personal injury attorney who has dealt with these kinds of cases would know a number of payouts that are required in spine injury cases and help you get a fair compensation.


Spinal injury lawsuits are a tricky business and can only be settled with correct guidance and support from personal injury lawyers. Since spinal injury requires lifelong medical help and rehabilitation, a personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you need and deserve. Therefore, call us at 954-866-7722 to find an experienced personal injury lawyer to file your lawsuit.


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