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Accidents are bound to happen and if they happen at your workplace, then there are many things to consider, especially if you are the victim. People who work in an industrial environment are more susceptible to injuries because of the nature of the place. Hence, employees or workers need to be extra cautious while working in such environment. People working in industrial environments are not the only ones at risk. Every working space has some hazardous equipment that can cause injuries to its employees and if you are the victim, then you need to know about the rights regarding compensation laws governing your state.

Common Accidents that happen at workplace

Labourers work activities – If you are working at a place where it requires loading, unloading, packing, pushing or moving items, basically, if your work involves manual labor activities, then are at risk of muscle injuries or heart troubles or broken limbs. You must speak to your employer if you feel that the job is being physically difficult for you and putting you at risk of injury.


Falls or Slips – this is a common type of injury that is faced by most of the employees. Slips and falls at work can be caused due to unattended debris or wet/damaged floors. Due to this, an employee suffers head injuries, broken limbs, and injured backs. The employer must use caution boards to notify people walking around those areas to avoid any misshaping.


Electrocution – Getting shocks or burns are common causes of injuries at the workplace. Any injuries caused by electricity are serious and can prove to be fatal. People who work with electricity are vulnerable to injuries. Hence, the company needs to provide safe working environment for all workers.

Making claims for accident at work

Claiming compensation can seem to be a daunting task, but claims for an accident at work if handled sensibly can help in recovering the medical expenses and compensate lost earnings during the time of recovery. Many employees avoid taking action against the employer because they fear that they may be asked to leave. But remember one thing; your employer cannot fire you for filing claims against them. Instead, it should encourage them to look at the safety measures to avoid such situations in future.


If you are thinking of claiming compensation, then the first step is to consider if the accident was your fault or your employer. Obtain a medical treatment as soon as possible and this should be authorized by the legal team of your company. You should immediately inform your supervisor about the accident because if you fail to inform in a stipulated time, you might lose the right to workers compensation benefits. If your employer refuses to settle your claims, then you can hire a personal injury lawyer to tackle your case.

Role of personal injury lawyer in workplace injury

It is important that you seek legal counsel if you have suffered work space injury. A law firm like Mark Schiffrin P. A. can help you claim the worker’s compensation benefits and can advise of your rights about pursuing compensation. A personal injury lawyer can help you with the presentation of your case if the claim is contested. Mark Schiffrin P. A. is a personal injury law firm that handles cases regarding all kinds of workplace injuries. Their team of lawyers is highly experienced in providing legal guidance to their clients.

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