Birth Injury Attorneys

It is a great feeling to be a parent. The whole journey from conceiving till birth and then parenting your child throughout his or her life is exciting. But there is nothing worse in the world knowing that your child who has just been born is suffering from birth injuries.

Define birth injury

A birth injury is usually defined as the injury that is caused by a baby during the time of labor and delivery. However, not every birth injury ends up in claims. An injury is only considered claimable if the doctor operating on the mother and the baby is found negligent of taking necessary steps during childbirth. Therefore, in order to have a valid claim against the doctor, you need to have proofs to show that the doctor was careless.

Causes for birth injuries

Medical Malpractice – A doctor should be experienced and skilled enough to perform surgical procedures on patients. Since they are aware of the complexities of the situation, a doctor is required to take all required steps and procedures to ensure that they provide the best medical care to their patients. Despite the fact that a doctor’s job is to save lives, many doctors get negligent and cause serious injuries to the patients. Medical malpractice can also result in birth injuries.

Birth Delays – this is, in fact, the biggest and the leading reasons of birth injury in the world. A human brain is able to withstand a certain amount of pressure. During the labor, the child is distressed and if the labor is delayed because unavailability of doctor does not provide proper care to the mother during delivery, it can cause high blood pressure in a baby.

Deprived of Oxygen – A birth injury can be caused when a child does not receive the amount of oxygen required to remain alive. This could happen due to some external force like umbilical cord is prolapsed or the baby is underweight or the lungs are not fully developed. A certain amount of oxygen is required by the brain to function. Any deprivation during childbirth can result in consequences for any period of time.

Role of Birth Injury Attorneys

An experienced birth injury lawyer can help your case presented in front of the court of law. They will not only advise you about your possibilities of winning the case but would also work diligently to ensure that you win the case.


Birth injury cases are extremely intricate and even though they are considered as personal injury claims, not just any personal injury lawyer can handle the case unless they have experience in handling birth injury cases. Statistics has shown that lawyers who have experience in handling birth injury cases have a higher rate of success compared to other personal injury lawyers.

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