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Hallandale Beach is a city in Broward County, Florida with a sizable financial district that houses offices of several banks and brokerage houses. Some of the best hospitals near Hallandale Beach, Florida include –


• Aventura Hospital & Medical Center
• Memorial Regional Hospital South
• Aventura Breast Diagnostic Center
• Memorial Regional Hospital
• Memorial Cancer Institute


As a local injury lawyer in Hallandale Beach, Mark Schiffrin is a Member of the Florida Bar (since 1983), a Member of The Association of Trial Lawyers of America, as well as a Member of the Broward County Bar Association, with his primary area of expertise being Personal Injury Law.


Mark has been handling Personal Injury claims exclusively for over 30 years, which gives us a significant advantage over other attorneys handing similar claims. Backed by such extensive experience, Mark is exactly what clients are looking for when they seek to hire a competent Hallandale Beach professional lawyer.

Important Things to Remember after You’ve Been in an Accident

While accidents occur everywhere, it is important that you remember some key aspects if you ever happen to be in one. If you do ever happen to meet with an accident, these are a few important things you should keep in mind –


Stay put at the site of the accident: Unless you have been advised to leave the site of the accident by the proper authorities, it is always best that you stay put at the accident site. If the accident involved injuries or if someone has been killed, criminal charges could be brought against you for leaving the accident site.


Ensure that all drivers and passengers are okay: Immediately after an accident has taken place, it is important that you ensure that everyone involved is okay. Make sure you call for medical assistance, if required, and assess for any property damage.


Call the proper authorities: After evaluating the condition of everyone involved and assessing the damage caused, you may need to call the police if serious physical injury has occurred or someone has died.


Beware of early settlement offers: When accidents take place, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to approach those involved with early settlement offers. In such cases, it is important that you go through all the fine print and ensure that you don’t settle unless convinced of the offer. Make sure you consult an experienced Hallandale Beach personal injury attorney before signing any settlement documents.


Hiring your own attorney is a good option : After having met with an accident, having a competent Hallandale Beach personal injury lawyer can prove to be priceless. Good attorneys help you analyze your situation and offer you good advice regarding the future course of action.

Automobile AccidentsDuring automobile accidents, property damage is common along with physical injury in some cases. At such times, the law allows for the establishment of fault and liability in terms of determination of payments to be made for medical expenses and repairs. Competent Hallandale Beach car accident attorneys can be very useful in such cases.

Slip & Fall AccidentsPersonal injury cases where a person slips and falls, and is injured as a result, on someone else’s property are typically referred to as ‘slip and fall’ cases. Such cases are dealt with by Hallandale Beach slip and fall lawyers and are usually classified under a broader category called ‘premises liability’.

Wrongful DeathIn the case of wrongful death claims, Hallandale Beach professional lawyers file cases when an individual or an entity has been negligent in their actions, which has resulted in a careless or intentional breach of their legal obligation that has directly caused the death of someone. In such cases, the victim’s surviving family members have the right to sue for ‘wrongful death’.

Medical MalpracticeMedical malpractice is a common occurrence when dealing with wrongful death claims. It typically includes the misdiagnosis of an illness or a botched surgery (among others) that results in the death of a patient. At such times, Hallandale Beach medical malpractice attorneys can be helpful when filing medical malpractice suit. Another common occurrence includes defective products that result in suits being filed by Hallandale Beach product liability lawyers.

Why Choose Us

When looking for a competent law firm to handle your case, it is obvious that there are several options available. However, here are a few that make a compelling case for hiring Mark Schiffrin P.A. as your law firm.


Extensive Experience
When searching for a good Hallandale Beach personal injury attorney, it is absolutely vital that you pick one who has extensive experience in handling such claims. In the case of Mark Schiffrin, he has been practicing Personal Injury Law exclusively for over 30 years, which makes him a highly coveted attorney. Over the years, Mark has managed several cases as lead counsel involving different kinds of personal injury claims.


Accessible at all times
Being a local injury lawyer in Hallandale Beach, Mark ensures that he is accessible to his clients at all times. Even if you can’t get in touch with him for some reason, you can always leave him a message and he will get back to you that same day. Clients also have the flexibility to contact Mark after hours if they have been in an accident and require his urgent assistance.


Genuine Concern
While most lawsuits are about money in the end, Mark has established a name for himself by proving that he genuinely cares about his clients and the outcomes of their cases. What makes Mark different from other Hallandale Beach personal injury lawyers is the fact that he involves his clients in every aspect of the case. His constant communication keeps clients informed of their case status at all times, which helps them make wise and informed decisions.

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