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Pembroke Park is a small town in Broward County, Florida and is part of the South Florida metropolitan area. Some of the well-known hospitals near Pembroke Park, Florida include –


• Mount Sinai Medical Center
• Memorial Regional Hospital South
• Aventura Hospital & Medical Center
• Memorial Regional Hospital
• Kids First Urgent Care


About Mark Schiffrin P. A.

As a Member of the Florida Bar since 1983, Mark Schiffrin is a renowned local injury lawyer in Pembroke Park. He is also a Member of The Association of Trial Lawyers of America and the Broward County Bar Association.


As a practitioner of Personal Injury Law exclusively for over 30 years, Mark brings a world of experience to the table. When dealing with personal injury cases, there can be no substitute for real-world experience. This is why you should pick a highly competent Pembroke Park professional lawyer like Mark Schiffrin to represent you.

Important Points to Remember after You’ve Been in an Accident

Accidents are common. However, here are a few points worth keeping in mind to help prevent any issues when filing claims seeking compensatory damages –


Talk to people who have witnessed the accident: After you’ve been in an accident, talking to witnesses around can prove to be extremely helpful. Their testimonies can be useful in determining fault and liability, which will ultimately help in resolving issues related to damages and compensation.


Note down necessary information: After the accident, it is important that you note down all the necessary information you may require. This could include information pertaining to the drivers and passengers (if any) such as their license numbers, vehicle license plates, their contact information etc.


Inform your insurance company: This is an important aspect most people tend to overlook when they’ve been in an accident. Getting in touch with your insurance company immediately after the accident can be very helpful since they can give you all the guidance you need to claim damages and compensation, as well as void your coverage.


Maintain medical records: Maintaining medical records will prove to be useful when claiming compensation for bodily injuries caused by the accident. They are probably one of the first documents your Pembroke Park personal injury attorney will ask you for.


Hire a competent attorney: This is one of the crucial steps you need to take when dealing with an accident. Having a competent Pembroke Park personal injury lawyer advise you regarding the course of action you should take could save you a lot of grief in the future. Additionally, good attorneys help you navigate through the many complications of the legal system.

Types of Cases We Can Help You With

Mark Schiffrin is a renowned Pembroke Park personal injury attorney with extensive experience in Personal Injury Law. He has handled several cases pertaining to personal injury claims of which he was the lead counsel for many of them. His cases include claims pertaining to –

Automobile AccidentsIt is common for property damage to occur during an accident. Sometimes, the accident can even result in the death of a person. During such situations, it is important to establish fault and liability to resolve such cases, which typically require the services of a good Pembroke Park car accident attorney. While auto accidents can be tricky, having a competent attorney help you navigate the maze can be very helpful.

Slip & Fall AccidentsPersonal Injury cases also include situations where sometimes a person may fall and injure himself or herself on someone else’s property, after slipping or tripping. These cases are known as ‘slip and fall’ cases, which require lawsuits to be filed by Pembroke Park slip and fall lawyers to help plaintiffs claim compensation and damages.

Wrongful DeathWrongful death cases pertain to situations where the negligent action of one person has caused the death of another. This could be on account of intentional or unintentional actions that caused a breach of their legal obligations. When filing such lawsuits, the services of a Pembroke Park professional lawyer are absolutely essential. Since the negligence led to the death of a person, the victim’s surviving members may be able to sue for compensatory damages.

Medical MalpracticeWhile wrongful death cases include a number of different cases, medical malpractice claims are more commonly spoken of. These typically include the misdiagnosis of an illness of a patient or a botched surgery, resulting in the death of the patient. To pursue such claims, it is absolutely essential that you hire a competent Pembroke Park medical malpractice attorney. In a similar manner, hiring a Pembroke Park product liability lawyer to file a lawsuit for a defective product is absolutely essential.

Why Mark Schiffrin?

Among the several different reasons why you should choose Mark to represent you, here are the more prominent ones –


His Experience
With Personal Injury Law as his primary area of practice, Mark is a distinguished Pembroke Park personal injury attorney who has built up his reputation over 30 years. Since 1983, Mark has been handling personal injury cases exclusively, and has been the lead counsel for many of them.


His Accessibility
Being a local injury lawyer in Pembroke Park has its benefits. Mark ensures that his clients are accessible to him at all times. If they aren’t able to get in touch with him, they are asked to leave a message and he gets back to them that very day. Clients are also given the opportunity to contact Mark after hours in case of emergencies.


His Genuine Concern
Mark genuinely cares about the outcomes of his cases, which is why he sometimes even suggests not filing a case since it may not be in the client’s best interest to do so. As a renowned Pembroke Park personal injury lawyer, Mark’s professionalism is characterized by his commitment toward his clients. He believes in providing his clients with the best advice possible, which includes not filing a lawsuit in certain cases.

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