Nursing Home or Elder Abuse

How to deal with elder abuse in nursing homes

Nobody wants to put their family members in nursing homes. But due to some serious medical conditions, we are left with no option. Though maximum care would be taken by the nursing home staff, but as a family member you are equally responsible for restoring the health of the patient.


Nursing homes were bliss for some people until; there were reports about nursing home abuse. The numbers are shocking, but every year almost 15% of the old age people experience nursing home abuse. Many of these cases go unreported and unpunished because we are not aware of our laws and rights regarding this kind of injury. There are almost 2000 deaths every year due to elderly abuse and its time that you should know about your legal rights to compensation if any of your elderly family members is a victim of nursing home abuse.

Define nursing home abuse

Nursing home abuse occurs when the internal staffs is unable to take proper care of the residents due to skill issue, staff shortages or just negligence. Since most of the residents are the patients suffering from illness like dementia or Alzheimer’s, they can hardly remember anything to report it to their family members.

Kinds of Nursing home abuse

The reason these nursing homes are available is that the patients can receive proper attention and care they deserve which they usually are unable to get at home. However, with increasing number of nursing abuse cases it is becoming very important to know more about them and what are your rights as a nursing abuse victim:-

Physical abuse – The term is self-explanatory. Physical abuse occurs when someone tries to use physical force against a victim. Physical abuse would involve hitting, restraining or biting to a victim. Victims of such abuse can be easily identified if there are any marks. Hence, proving physical abuse in court would is much easier than any other kind.

Sexual Abuse – this kind of abuse usually occurs when a sexual contact is made by the nursing staff with elderly resident without their consent. Sexual abuse victims can easily be forced to keep quiet to make sexual contact.

Mental Abuse – Emotional or mental abuse is a case when the caretaker of the nursing home causes emotional trauma to a victim. This may include humiliation, bullying, frightening or ignoring an elder. Any kind of demeaning behaviour can also be included in emotional abuse.

Monetary Abuse – In Financial abuse, the nursing staff forces the elderly to provide their banking details to get money or make changes in their will.

Indications of nursing home abuse

Physical abuse as mentioned above is easy to determine compared to other abuses. However, there are certain signs through which you can identify if the family member is going through any kind of abuse:-

-Open wounds or cuts

-Restraint wounds like chain marks on hands and legs

-Personal hygiene not maintained

-Emotional trauma

-Withdrawal symptoms

-Nursing staff refuses the residents to meet family members

-Extreme agitation

How an attorney can help?

As soon as you see any sign of trauma or abuse, immediately remove the person from nursing home. Report any kind of abuse to nursing home high authorities and contacting a nursing home abuse attorney who has the experience of handling such cases with high resolution rate should be contacted.


A nursing home abuse lawyer would help you in going through the legalities of the case and pursue your lawsuit. Since, this kind of abuse comes in personal injury; hence you need a nursing home abuse attorney who has knowledge and skills in dealing such cases. Call us now at 954-866-7722 to discuss the possible outcomes of your case.


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