Road Accidents

Are you a victim of Road Accident? Here is what you need to know

Road accidents are very common around the world. Every day, someone is injured or killed due to these accidents. If you have ever been involved in road accidents or have been a victim yourself, here is some valuable advice that informs you can use to help. If your friend or someone near to you has experienced a personal injury due to road traffic accident, then you should immediately consult a personal injury lawyer.

Why do you really mean by Road traffic accident?

The literal definition of Road traffic accident is a situation when a moving vehicle collides with another moving vehicle on the road due to skipping red light or someone driving rash or drinking and driving that the driver has lost control that is when you end up in a road accident.

Types of Car Accidents

A car accident is a very common situation and can happen due to various kinds of circumstances. Let us further dig down the type of accidents that usually occur:-

Collision from Rear end – this kind of collision usually happens when a vehicle hits the other vehicle from the back side. This can happen due to sudden braking of the front vehicle or the second vehicle was at high speed than the first one. In such accidents, the occupants in the front vehicle usually have severe physical damages.


T-Bone Collision – This situation arises when a speeding vehicle hits the other car on the side of the car bonnet. The impact is usually by the front or the rear end of another vehicle. In this case, as well, car damages and occupants injuries are severe, especially the one sitting on the impacted side.


Sideswipe collision – In this case, two parallel cars touches each other from sides and swipes each other. This could happen because both the cars were traveling in the same direction. The damages caused in this collision are usually minimalistic.


Head on Collision – this is the most serious and severe kind of collision when both the vehicles hit each other with speed from the front ends. This usually ends up in death of the occupants


Vehicle Rollover – As the name suggest, in this collision, the vehicle turns over on its side or roof due to sharp turnings with high speed.

Potential recovery possibilities for road accident victims

A road accident victim has all the right to ask for compensation for the vehicle damages and medical expenses. However, the victim needs to hire a personal injury attorney to get that claim. Personal Injury attorneys are experts who are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and get you the highest possible settlement.

Role of personal injury lawyer in settling claims

It is very tough to get insurance companies pay any kind of claims. They usually make faulty statements to avoid paying the insured. In such situations, Personal Injury lawyers come at your rescue. But you can only get compensation if the accident was caused due to other person’s negligence. Mark Schiffrin P. A. is a South Florida based law firm that deals in solving personal injury cases for the last 30 years. Our team of lawyer has exponential experience in helping clients suffered from an accident as a result of someone’s negligence. So, if you are a victim yourself or have someone in your family, then you must contact a personal injury attorney immediately as the case needs to be filed for a specific period of time.

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