Mark Schiffrin P. A. is recognized as one of the leading personal injury law firms handling all types of personal injury cases in Miami Beach. We have helped thousands of personal injury or accident victims obtain compensation and recovered millions from damages done by another party. We have the knowledge and experience to handle the complex cases and complex lawsuit against individuals and businesses.


If you have been injured in Miami Beach, you need a personal injury attorney you can trust to represent you and be on your side in tough times. At Mark Schiffrin P. A., we fight for people who have been injured by the negligence or wrongful conduct by others. We work dedicatedly to make the legal process as stress-free as possible. The Miami Beach Personal Injury Lawyers at Mark Schiffrin P. A. provide personalized attention to the clients and assist them with professionalism, honesty, and integrity.


In addition to handling personal injury case, our firm represents various other cases including medical malpractice, premises liability, and nursing home abuse. A complete list of practice areas is found below.

Miami Beach Automobile Accident Attorneys

Automobile accidents are, unfortunately, a very common type of accidents in Miami Beach. Some car accidents are minor, with no injuries involved but some major crashes can cause much more severe and critical injuries or even death. At Mark Schiffrin P. A. law firm, we have a team of Miami Beach auto accident attorneys, who know how devastating a car crash can be for you. We are ready to help you. Our Miami Beach law firm has a team of skillful car accident attorneys who will investigate the scene of the accident quickly after you report your case to us. We can make the whole process stress-free and hold the responsible person accountable for the damages. Learn more about our auto accident attorneys.

Miami Beach Slip and Fall Attorneys:

Residents of Miami Beach are sometimes seriously injured in slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. The most common causes of slip and fall injury can be poorly lit stairs, slippery floors, poor lighting or other dangerous conditions present on other’s property. Regardless of why they happen, all property owners have a certain level of responsibility to make sure their premises are safe. The slip and fall attorneys of Mark Schiffrin P. A. know that such type of cases may not be easy to prove. They require extensive knowledge and immediate investigation to preserve evidence of what stuff caused you to slip. We have been handling these types of injury cases since 1983 in Miami Beach. Mark Schiffrin P. A. law firm has the resources, the experience, and the drive to get the strongest possible claim resulting from slip and fall accidents. Learn more about our Slip and Fall Lawyers.

Miami Beach Wrongful Death Accident Attorney:

The death of a loved one in an accident can be the most traumatic event of your life. If this happens due to negligence or wrongful conduct by others, a lawsuit is generally the last thing on your mind. In such cases, it is important to seek legal advice to understand the compensation and possible outcomes of your case. At the Mark Schiffrin P. A., we have been handling wrongful death cases since 1983. Our wrongful death attorneys represent our clients with respect, compassion, and dedication in Miami Beach. We promptly take measures to preserve evidence, investigate the accident scene, to file a claim. We also understand that no amount of money will replace your pain, nor will it bring back your loved one. We will hold responsible individual or company accountable and help you getting the compensation you deserve. Learn more about Wrongful Death Lawyers.

How our Lawyers at Mark Schiffrin P. A. can help you?

For more than 30 years, we at the Mark Schiffrin P.A., have dedicated our practice to protecting the rights of injured individuals in Miami Beach. We pride ourselves on providing personalized attention to each client, regardless of the complexity of their case. Our personal injury law firm has successfully helped many residents throughout South Florida obtain the maximum compensation they deserved.


The hiring of a personal injury attorney in Miami Beach is an important decision that should not be based exclusively upon ads. Before you choose a lawyer, review our testimonials section to see what people say about our law firm.


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