It is a given that when you get serious injuries, you have no other way but to hire a proficient slip and fall attorney. However, there might be some injury cases where you do not need a lawyer. Still, it is always good to consult a lawyer before filing a lawsuit. He will be able to guide you well.

Your attorney will make sure to get the attention of the defendant and the insurance company. Without proper communication with the insurance company, you will not be able to settle a personal injury case. Communication is important!

Your lawyer will recognize all of the various factors that can impact liability and damages.

Here is why you should hire a slip and fall attorney:

Proving fault and liability

First and foremost, you need to prove liability. Here, you and your lawyer will have to prove that the defendant was negligent in some way or the other. Also, your team has to prove that the defendant’s negligence played a part in giving way to the accident and your injury.

The first thing that the lawyer needs to do is to confirm with you how your injury occurred. Falls happen very quickly, and many people do not understand exactly how they went from going up or downstairs to be on the ground and injured.

When a slip and fall accident occurs, there might be many critical facts involved. These facts will be looked into by the insurer, the defense attorney, and the jury. These factors will impact the settlement offer or award that you get.

Now, the attorney needs to look beyond. He will have to understand how to hold the defendant legally responsible for your slip and fall. He will try to find out whether it was caused because:

• you skipped a step
• you slipped on something
• you tripped over something
• you reached for something and lost your balance
• the height of each step

Now, it has to be noted that not every cause points to the defendant. If you trip over your own clothes, you cannot hold the premises owner legally responsible. However, the premises owner is responsible for a badly constructed staircase.

A good lawyer is someone who will examine the scene. He will make sure to discuss all of the possibilities with you, even the negative ones. He will then review the applicable state, federal, and local laws. He will make sure to determine if the condition of the premises violated any of the laws. He will get to the roots of your case!

Establishing damages

Proving damages is not that easy. One has to really work hard for it. Your lawyer will properly document your lost income through your employer’s pay records. He will also look into the tax forms and tax returns. Your lawyer will make sure to gather and organize your medical records and bills. It is not easy to get a complete copy of your medical records. Of course, you can gather your medical records. However, most of the health care providers focus mainly on providing health care. They are least bothered about making copies of the medical records. Some personal injury lawyers will hire a suitable person to track down and gather all of the clients’ medical records.

Now, it might happen that your medical records do not contain the proof that your accident caused the current medical conditions. Here is when your lawyer will have to write to your doctor. You can ask your lawyer to write a medical report. These letters can cost up to $1,000 almost. Your lawyer will now review your pain and suffering with you.

Determining the cost of representation

When it comes to a personal injury case, your lawyer will work on a contingency fee. As per the contingency fee, your lawyer will get paid out of your final settlement or jury award. This works well for you as well as your lawyer. And, most importantly, both of you will be focusing on winning the case!

You do not have to pay your lawyer upfront. You do not have to pay in the form of “out” legal fees in case you lose the case. You might have to give an amount between 25-40% of your settlement money to your lawyer. Try to keep all the settlement money if you handled the slip and fall claim yourself.


A warning sign has to be highly prominent. It should make the individual aware of entering the property due to some hidden dangers. When a sign is too subtle, it might not be considered as a warning sign!

Here, the premises owner would likely still be liable for any injuries suffered on the property. Putting a vague warning sign does not render the premises owner completely innocent!

Receiving the best possible compensation

When you do not have a slip and fall attorney, you would not be able to build a slip and fall accident case. Also, you are a novice when it comes to negotiating. On the other hand, a good lawyer is an expert at it. Thus, he will use his skills and expertise to secure an adequate amount of compensation for you. A knowledgeable slip and fall attorney can help you settle with the insurance company.

How to hire a good Slip & Fall Lawyer?

In case you have been injured in a slip and fall case, make sure to contact an attorney within a short time period. Get medical attention as soon as possible. Keep the medical bills and receipts with you.

You need to select the well-reputed and experienced attorney who can represent you in the court of law. You will have to do a good deal of research for the same. You can start online for finding the best slip and fall attorney for yourself. Also, you can ask your reliable friends for recommendations.

If you are genuinely looking for a highly experienced slip and fall lawyer, contact Mark Schiffrin P.A. With vast experience and knowledge, this attorney can help you get the right amount of compensation for your damages and injuries.

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