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When an injury is caused by the negligence behavior of another person or party, and if that injury turns in to serious physical disability or mental harm it is called as a personal injury. If you or a loved one has been injured due to personal injury accident, you have to face the big challenge of healing and recovering injuries involves rehabilitation. In such case, you need personal attention and care. You have the right to get the fair compensation for your injuries.


Our personal injury attorneys at Mark Schiffrin P. A. have extensive knowledge and experience in protecting the rights of injured individual and Atlantis families who lost loved ones in accidents. As resourceful and experienced lawyers with more than 30years of experience, we know what is necessary to get the desired results. Once you hire us, we assign the best personal injury attorney who will provide personalized attention and fight for you every step of the way.

We have been the lead counsel in a number of cases involving, but not limited to, auto accidents, construction accidents, slip and falls, wrongful death accidents, general negligence cases and product liability cases.

Atlantis Automobile Accidents Attorney:

Our attorneys have decades of experience in advocating for individual injured in car accidents or in other type of auto mobile accidents. Our car accident lawyers can handle all legal aspect of your personal injury case in your best interests, including filing the claim and discussions insurance company. Our auto accident law firm in Atlantis, FL firm has the experience required to assess the issues of damage and liability. We help in protect your rights and maximize the compensation you receive. Learn more about our auto accident attorneys.

Atlantis, FL Slip and Fall Accidents Attorney

If injury happens due to slip and fall accident, you will need a law expert on your side who can understand your case and can fight for you to help you in getting a justice. Our slip and fall lawyers have years of experience in representing the clients of Atlantis injured in slip and fall accident. We are hard working and skill full attorneys who help their clients by obtaining the maximum settlements and verdicts slip and fall accidents. Learn more about our slip and fall attorneys.

Atlantis Product liability Attorney:

If you or your loved one sustain an injury or harmed due to defective product, number of parties can be held liable for releasing such product. You have the right to get the compensation for your damages, lost wages and medical expenses. In such situation, you will need the help of a professional product liability attorney who can understand your case and can fight for protecting your rights. Our law firm have professional product liability lawyers who can pursue the compensation for your losses in Atlantis.

Accidents due to Negligence:

If you are injured or meet with accident due to negligence of other person or party, you can hire the services professional attorneys at Mark Schiffrin P. A.. We can understand your case and can fight for you to help in getting the fair compensation you deserve. We are respectful and experienced attorneys who will guide you to file a case against the responsible person or party. Read more about our negligence attorneys.

Atlantis Wrongful Death Accident Attorney:

If you’ve lost a loved one due to the negligence or wrongful conduct of someone else, you have the right to get financial compensation by filing a wrongful death suit. In such cases, hiring a professional wrongful death attorney can be vital. At Mark Schiffrin P. A., we have experienced lawyers who can understand your wrongful death case and our can guide you through the process to file a case against the liable person. We will fight for you in receiving the monetary damages you are entitled to. Learn more about wrongful death lawyers.

How a Personal Injury Attorney firm in Atlantis can help you to claim compensation?

Personal injury is defined as a person suffering an injury or physical harm resulting from the negligence of some individual or a business. We as a personal injury law firm in Atlantis can help you to file a case against the guilty and get the compensation for your losses.


Attorneys at Mark Schiffrin P.A law firm have knowledge and experience, and have been fighting for injured or families who lost loved ones in Atlantis. We ensure that your legal rights are protected. We fight for the losses incurred by you and get the compensation you deserve from the liable party.


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