If you are injured in an accident, a personal injury attorney can help you obtain maximum compensation than what the insurance company was willing to pay at the beginning. Victims are not willing to pursue legal action for fear of exorbitant legal fees. Usually, after an accident, injured accident victims are left on their own to deal with insurance companies and disability claims. This can make the recovery process more complex and place unnecessary burden on caregivers.


Every personal injury case is unique and there is no specific amount you can expect from a personal injury case. Damages include medical expenses, loss of wages, if injury was suffered in a car accident, you may be compensated for damages, pain and suffering depending on the severity of your injury and disabilities.


The experienced personal injury lawyers of Mark Schiffrin P. A. represent those who have been injured in Hialeah accidents and whatever the type of injuries you have sustained; our skilled attorneys will advise you about your legal rights and options and get you the fair and full compensation for your damages and losses.

Type of Cases we handle:

Car Accidents: A person who negligently drives a vehicle can be held liable to pay for damages caused to person or property. Car accidents must be investigated promptly and evidence should be preserved. If you are involved in an automobile accident in Hialeah, you must seek proper medical attention immediately. At Mark Schiffrin P.A. our rich experience allows us to excel in handling accident cases and investigating every possible cause so that you get the full amount of compensation for your injuries and losses.

Wrongful Death: Generally, wrongful death lawsuit is different from other types of personal injury claims as it is the family members of the deceased who are bringing suit. A wrongful death claim is brought to recover damages that the family has suffered due to the death of the victim. It is important that measures are taken to preserve evidence, investigations are carried out and a lawsuit is filed prior to the deadline imposed by the statute of limitations. If a loved one has been a victim of wrongful death in Hialeah, our wrongful death attorneys can help you in recovering compensation for the losses.

Workers’ Compensation: On –the-job injuries can occur in any occupation and in any industry. Some industries are more exposed to workplace injuries due to the dangers inherently a part of them. At Mark Schiffrin P.A. we take pride in the services we offer to our injured clients and their families. Obtaining full compensation after a workplace injury or illness is vital and our team fully understands the legal process and the strategies that insurance companies or employers use to deny or not take your claim into consideration. We are committed to being a source of help to recover those benefits, so you can recover completely and your family can move on without financial difficulties.

If you think you have been injured in a Hialeah, it is essential to call or seek medical help immediately.
First-aid steps which are taken are listed below:


• Stop bleeding if any
• Immobilize injury with prompt action
• Ice-pack application to reduce swelling
• Rest to receive treatment, when in a state of shock

How valuable is it to hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Past statistics have shown that the amount recovered will be higher for someone who had an auto accident and hired the right attorney than for someone who tried to handle the case without an experienced lawyer or with the wrong lawyer. In auto accident claims, people who handle their cases themselves are likely to get stuck in the legal process, as they do not understand it.


There are many responsibilities which lawyers in accident cases undertake, they deal with insurance companies for both sides, submit and process no-fault applications, speak to witnesses and record statements. They also make sure the accident victim gets adequate medical care to recover fully and their injuries are correctly and fully documented. Review of medical records is done, not just to ensure they were receiving the proper care but also to ensure the doctors coded the treatment, so the insurance carrier can evaluate the claim and collect all the evidence for the accident, including photos of the accident scene and the damage suffered by the vehicle involved in the accident.


At Mark Schiffrin P.A., our team has more than 30 years of experience in representing individuals who have suffered injury or lost someone dear to them due to the careless acts of another person or business. A personal injury attorney is your best guide and counsel after an accident. He or she will provide you with beneficial information about your case and help you pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

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