Sunrise is a city in central-western Broward County, Florida with population of approx 90,000. In recent years, more families and professionals have been moving into the Sunrise area, making the city more diverse. If you have sustained a personal injury and need a help of professional Sunrise personal injury attorney, contact Mark Schiffrin P. A.


Mark Schiffrin P. A. is a personal injury law firm representing victims and their families in Sunrise. We handle all type of personal injury lawsuits since 1983. The personal injury lawyers of Mark Schiffrin P.A hold decades of experience fighting for the rights of personal injury plaintiff and their lawsuits in Sunrise, FL.

We handle everything from car accidents to pedestrian accidents but not limited to, auto, truck and motorcycle accidents, boating and aviation accidents, defective products, medical malpractice, slip & fall, and other type of negligence cases. Some of the examples of our practice areas are as follows:

Sunrise Automobile Accident Attorney

Many of us know that causes for auto accidents are distracted driving, drunk driving, poorly maintained roads or defective vehicles. An automobile accident can result in a personal injury that can be disturbing to an individual or to a family. Policy holder doesn’t get the response from insurance companies as they look out for their own interest. In such scenario, the auto accident lawyers of Mark Schiffrin P. A. can help you. We have expertise and resources to methodically examine the situation of the case, get eyewitness statements and reports of accidents. We can obtain and defend evidence, verify insurance policy to protect your legal rights. We handle all type of auto accident cases from the car accidents to truck accidents, including but not limited to bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents and pedestrian accidents. Learn more about our auto accident attorneys.

Sunrise Slip and Fall Accidents Attorney:

If you’ve been involved in a slip and fall accident in Sunrise, FL, you may seek compensation for your injuries and other damages. A slip and fall or trip and fall accident may cause severe injuries, pain, disabilities, or even death. Owners of property such as shopping marts, offices, restaurants have a responsibility to protect visitors from unsafe conditions and deficiency in the property. If you or your loved one is injured due to their negligence, you can file a claim for compensation under premises liability law. For a free review of your case, contact slip and fall lawyers of Mark Schiffrin P. A. We have decades of experience and a history of recovering compensation for injured victims in Sunrise, Fl. Learn more about our slip and fall lawyers.

Sunrise Product liability Attorney

If a person sustain an injury due to defective product, number of parties can be held liable for releasing such product. If you have been injured by using such product, in such situation you will need legal expert opinion of lawyers who can understand your case and can fight for you and help you in getting a justice. Our professional lawyers firm have specialized product liability attorney in Sunrise who will help you to file a case against the responsible individual or company. Learn more about our Product Liability Lawyers.

Sunrise Wrongful Death Accident Attorney

The Lawyers of Mark Schiffrin P. A. are ready to defend your family during the most difficult times. Wrongful death is a fatal accident that happened due to carelessness or wrongful conduct of another person. If you are dealing with a loved one’s death, you may need the compensation for the losses. We understand that nothing can replace what you’ve lost. But if your family member died due to the negligence of another person or party, you need experienced wrongful death attorney, such as of Mark Schiffrin P. A. who can help you seek justice during this emotionally disturbing time. Wrongful death cases can be complex, and even require a set of knowledge and skills that only a professional lawyer with a lot of experience on such cases have. We have handled the wrongful death cases in Sunrise and other cities of South Florida. We will provide you personal attention and can help you to get the maximum compensation your family deserves. Learn more about our wrongful death lawyers.

How a Personal Injury Attorney firm in Sunrise can help you to claim compensation?

The Sunrise personal injury attorneys at Mark Schiffrin P. A. pursue aggressive and successful representation of personal injury, defective product and medical malpractice victims. We are committed to provide personal attention to our clients and known for our honesty, determination and responsiveness. Contact Mark Schiffrin P. A. law firm to get free consultation. You can call us on 954-866-7722 or email us at



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