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Truck accidents – Here is what you need to do

Many people believe that whether you get hit by a car or a truck, the compensation benefits are similar in both the cases; whereas the actual reality is totally different. This is because the probability of severe injuries or even death is high with commercial trucks. Commercial trucks, whether or not loaded weigh 25 times more than a normal vehicle. Hence, when a truck hits a car or a person, the likelihood of being safe is absolutely zero.


So, if you or someone in your friends or family is involved in a truck accident, then they are entitled to personal injury claim and recover damages from the responsible parties.

The know-how of truck accident claim

Like any other industry, even trucking industry is regulated by certain laws and regulations lay down by the federal government. These laws are basic standards that should be followed by every trucking company. Not abiding them can result in serious actions against the company, especially in the case of personal injury claim. In case the accident happens wad due to the driver’s negligence of rules that apply to his, then he and the company is responsible for compensating for your damages.

Causes for the Accident:

Here are some common situations that contribute to a commercial truck accident and later compensation.

Negligence of Passenger car – Usually, the car drivers are blamed for truck accidents. Since most of the drivers forget about the truck performance capabilities, thus result in collisions with large trucks. Some of the common causes are:


-Driving in the proximate position of the moving truck

-Abrupt lane changing in front of the truck

-Overtaking from the wrong side of the truck

-Miscalculating the approaching truck’s speed

-Driving between two trucks

Negligence of driver or company – Commercial truck driving or any truck driving requires special skills. But many companies fail to run a skill test before hiring an incompetent driver, thereby resulting in road collisions. Here are some reasons that contribute to the collision:


-Driver not trained properly about driving technique, defensive driving and following safety measures

-Driver working for more than required hours

-Over speeding on highways

-Companies unrealistic expectations to reach the destination

Things to do after accident

Truck drivers and companies are bounded by specific rules and regulations. Any violation can result in accidents and further responsible for paying the traffic accident claim. However, as a victim there are some things that you should know if involved in a truck accident so that you can protect and preserve your case:-


-Doesn’t matter if the damage is small or big, immediately report to the police about the accident

-Seek immediate medical attention. Your health and safety are utmost priority for you when involved in an accident

-Contact your insurance company and file a claim. Don’t skip this step because it would help later in outcome of your case

-Call a personal injury lawyer firm who are experienced in handling truck accidents and take proper guidance.

Expectations from Truck accident attorney

Every state has their trucking laws and regulations. A truck accident lawyer is completely aware of the all these rules and regulations, thus help in building your case stronger. A personal injury lawyer would:-


-Determine parties at fault

-Create a best legal strategy for your case

-Guide you about your probabilities of winning the case

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