Daily thousands of people die in car accidents across the globe. Studies have shown that in most of the fatalities during the accident are due to shocks or heart attacks because of the accident rather due to the injuries caused. However, a lot of trauma or death can be avoided if acted smartly at the scene of the accident. Usually, people who suffer accidents are unconscious or have very little conscious. Hence, people on the scene can take certain steps to help the patient. Here are some tips that can help you and the victim through the situation.

Assess the situation and Get help

If you are the driver or someone on the scene, follow these step by step instructions:-

  • Whether a person has suffered minor injury or a serious wound, immediately call 911.
  • Inform the police about the accident and if the accident was caused due to your negligence, never leave the scene until appropriate. Otherwise, a case of hit and run would be charged on you.
  • Even before assessing the property damage, check if everyone involved in the accident is fine. Look for immediate medical help and if you see someone suffered back or neck injury, do not try to move until help arrives, as this can cause permanent damage to head or spine.
  • Track witnesses and take their names, addresses if possible.
  • Victim needs to keep a track of all the medical expenses like bandages, medicines, surgeries, physical therapists, care givers etc. You need to provide convincing evidence that proves that the accident has impacted your daily life.
  • Ask someone to take pictures of the vehicle at the accident scene. This will help in determining your insurance claim.
  • Get a property damage evaluation to know the extent of damage.

Financial help

A victim who has suffered injuries due to car accident is entitled for monetary compensation for the medical expenses and loss of income during the time of recovery. But this is only possible, if the accident was caused due to negligence of the driver. If you were the driver who caused the accident, immediately inform your insurance company about the accident. Make sure that you give all the details about the accident and the extent of injuries the victim suffered. If found that the details provided you were incorrect or a lie, you can be denied of coverage as well as can get into serious trouble. Similarly goes for the victim. The victim needs to inform the insurance company about the accident and provide all details pertaining to accident. This will help the insurance company in filing claim against the offender.

Hire an attorney

If you are planning to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver then you would need a personal injury attorney to help you file your claim in court. A personal injury lawyer would help in recovering all the damages caused by the accident from the offender. To discuss your case with a South Florida car accident lawyer, call now at 954-866-7722. Mark Schiffrin P. A is a personal injury law firm who has an experience of 30 years and a team of qualified as well as skilled lawyers who have been dealing with all kinds of personal injury cases.

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