There are many benefits of having a Miami personal injury lawyer by your side. Here are some of the top benefits:

Availing free consultations
Many genuine personal injury attorneys provide free consultations to prospective clients. Certain times, the attorney uses hard sale tactics during the initial consultation. This makes it hard to leave the attorney’s office without signing a contingency fee agreement.

In a free consultation, you do not owe the Miami attorney anything. Thus, you can tell him that you want to speak to other lawyers prior to making your decision to hire one. Try to gather valuable information about the merits of your accident claim at the time of this consultation. In case the lawyer does not spend much time with you during the initial consultation, he will surely not be able to handle your claim in the best possible manner. Try to prepare a list of questions for the consultation. This way you can gain a deeper insight into your personal injury claim.

Handling of your first party coverages
Usually, first-party coverages are those that you have on your own policy. You can use these to maximize your recovery on your personal injury auto accident claim.

Usually, medical payments coverage works well with your health insurance coverage to lower your exposure to medical bills. This way you can take advantage of provider discounts on your health insurance policy. Thus, you need to interact well. You need to gather a good deal of personalized knowledge and skill to use these coverages to an injured person’s advantage. When you have the support of an experienced personal injury attorney, you can save thousands of dollars on your medical bills.

When it comes to an uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage, these apply when the at-fault driver has no coverage or very little coverage. In case your claim involves an Underinsurance claim, it might involve multiple features.

Dealing with health insurance carriers
In case your health insurance pays your medical bills, subrogation rights or liens of the health insurance carrier will be asserted. Plenty of technical arguments do exist that can be used by your personal injury attorney to reduce these liens. All of these aspects of a personal injury claim take a lot of time.

Lowering stress
When you hire an attorney, the attorney tends to deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. This will take a lot of stress off from your shoulders. Certain personal injury attorneys do not handle your property damage. This is mainly because it involves a good deal of time and effort for little compensation. You must ask the Miami attorney during the initial consultation if he handles property damage. In case he does not, he certainly is not offering you full service for his contingency fee.

Following the Statute of Limitations
If you handle your Miami case alone, you might fall prey to the Statutes of Limitations! Thus, your claim might just get extinguished. Usually, these statutes of repose are blown by not filing a Complaint with the appropriate Court within the relevant Statute of Limitations. The bad thing is that you will not be able to recover against the adverse party or his insurance coverage. Thus, you will not be able to sue the at-fault party ever.

Keep in mind that different statutes of limitations apply to third-party claims and first-party claims against your own insurance company. Your South Florida Personal Injury Attorney will protect your interests regarding these cut-off dates.

You must determine the amount of available insurance for the other person. You must have an idea as to how much insurance the liable party has. Without this knowledge, you might get into a situation where you end up generating a lot of medical bills. This gets worse if you do not have enough insurance coverage to pay for them.

Getting a clear idea of the type of compensation
A good Miami attorney will advise you concerning what you can expect on your claim. There are many types of compensation. You should be aware of those that you are entitled to, in the least. Some of these might change with time and the course of your medical treatment.

When you have a substantial wage loss claim, you need an attorney to handle this aspect of your claim.

Gaining knowledge of insurance law
When your claim involves insurance coverages issues, you certainly need an attorney to handle your Miami case.

Availing negotiation skills
When you have to knowledge about law, you will lack negotiating power. This is why you will need a professional Miami personal injury attorney. A good attorney can sue the insurance company for bad faith on first-party claims. This is more so if the insurance company doesn’t handle your claim fairly.

Making the right legal decision
There are many legal as well as non-legal factors that need to be taken into consideration in making this decision. Here is where an experienced attorney comes into the picture. He is the right person who can assist you in making this important decision.

Lowering the downside risks
Certain times, a personal injury case can turn out to be really complicated. An attorney is a right person who can advise you concerning the financial risks of litigation. He will certainly make efforts to reduce your exposure to these risks. There are certain complicated rules that do apply. In case you lose your case, the other side might try to get their attorneys fees from you. So, beware!

Getting the right representation in court
When you are not represented well in court, you might end up struggling with the court rules and procedures. The system is not made to work in favor of unrepresented parties. Usually, their cases are dismissed for failure to comply with the rules. In case your case involves any type of litigation, get a good Miami attorney.

Getting court costs advanced
There are many attorneys who advance costs for medical experts and the costs of litigation.

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