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Statistics shows that every year, nearly 5000 deaths occur and the almost 70,000 people are severely injured due to pedestrian accidents. Just because of somebody’s negligence someone is impaired for life. The only satisfying benefit is that you can file a personal injury claim for these accidents.

What is a Pedestrian accident?

In simple words, a person suffering injuries from a speeding vehicle while crossing the road or walking on pavements is a victim of a pedestrian accident and you may be entitled to personal injury claim as it was not your fault. Road accidents can cause serious injuries and deaths. Whether you are injured by a vehicle or due to someone’s the negligence, a pedestrian may recover damages suffered in that incident.

Main causes for the accident

Not many people are aware of their rights of personal injury compensation in pedestrian accidents and that is the reason many accidents go unclaimed because the victim does not report the accident to the police.

Negligence or inattentiveness of the driver – Studies has found that the main cause of the pedestrian accident is negligence or inattentiveness of both, driver and pedestrian. But in 75% of the cases, it is the driver at fault. Despite warnings and awareness about using cell phones while driving or eating while driving or drinking and driving, drivers end up causing accidents.


Aggressive Driving – Driving may be your hobby, but overlooking the walking people on the roadsides is absolutely unacceptable. Everybody likes speed, but speed can kill. People today are always in hurry and hence, violate traffic signals. As a result, you end up hurting a pedestrian on the road side or crossing the road.


Brake fails – A car is a machine and machine are bound to break. In an unfortunate situation, your car brake might fail, due to some unknown reason and you might end up accidentally hurting someone. Though this is not a very common cause of the accident but does result in severe repercussions. Hence, you should regularly get your car serviced to avoid such situations.


Pedestrian Fault – Every time the driver is not at fault. Sometimes people walking also get negligent due to which accidents happen. Pedestrian usually has the habit of crossing the road without worrying about the walking signals. As a result, they get hit by a vehicle and get injured.

Whatever is the situation, the accident should be immediately reported to the police and the victim should be sent to immediate medical care.

What steps should be taken immediately after the accident?

If you have been hit by a car or you have hit somebody, then these are the actions that should be immediately taken:-

-The injured must be given immediate medical attention.

-The driver should be confiscated for the crime and taken into custody. Further legal proceedings should be carried out by the police department.

-The injured after recovery can claim for personal injury claim due to negligence from the driver’s insurance company.

What professional attorney can do for you?

You need to contact a personal injury lawyer if you are looking for compensation for your losses like medical expenses and loss of income during recovery. An experienced South Florida pedestrian injury lawyer can help you build your case and present in front of the court if the matter is not resolved outside of court. He would be the right person to inform you about your rights as a victim and what kind of strategy should be designed to handle court proceedings.

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