A car accident can disrupt your regular flow of work. You also might have to deal with your vehicular damage, health alteration, grave injuries, possible traffic references etc. After the occurrence of such a grave incident, you need to be in a right frame of mind and take certain steps to reinforce your own safety, the safety of the other driver or passengers involved. Everything needs to be properly documented for law imposition and insurance purposes.

There are several don’ts after a car accident. Having an idea what all to avoid after a car accident can save you from a lot of further harassment when you raise a claim. It is likely that after a car accident, your impulses might overpower your logic. It is worse if you are suffering from an injury.

Here is a checklist of things that you must avoid after a car accident that shall help you to undergo a smooth personal injury case:

  • Do not panic
  • Though it is likely for you to go berserk when your car is wrecked as a result of an accident, you need to have control. Various thoughts might rush to your mind all at once such as dealing with insurance companies or expenses of fixing your car. But, you need to keep your cool. Losing your cool on the scene makes you lose your ability to think reasonably.

  • Do not admit fault
  • While it is suggested to be respectful, that does not mean you shall have to apologize to the other driver or an insurance provider. It can be misinterpreted as admitting fault for the accident and you might be wrongfully charged without no fault of yours. Once you admit to your fault, you shall need to pay for the coverage and the other damages.

  • Do not abandon the site or fail to call the police
    Never flee away from the site of the incident even if you are partly responsible. You should stop your vehicle, else you might even be charged with a crime.

    Also, you should not miss out on dialing 911. After calling, you should wait until police officers arrive at the scene to take a report. Police will contact emergency medical team for assistance if anyone needs medical attention.

    A police report help to prove as to who the victim is and who is at fault for the accident. A police report will requires vital information about the car accident, like road condition status, names and contact information of witnesses, and a formal written account of how the accident occurred.

  • Do not forget to document the incident
  • You should note down as much information about the accident as possible before leaving the scene of a car accident. It is a smart decision to take pictures of the scene of the accident. Take down the basic info such as the time and date of the accident. Also, record license plate numbers if possible. Jot down the names and contact information of all of the parties involved in the accident. Also, record any information about their insurance providers. If there were potential witnesses at the scene, they can be asked to write a short statement about what they saw.

  • Do not file a suit unless consulted with a lawyer
  • You might feel exasperated at the time of the accident and make a rash decision to file a lawsuit on your own. But, rash decisions never make a positive outcome! After all, there is no use in being involved in a lawsuit without knowing your proper rights. Always hire a reliable accident injury attorney before taking a fair action.

  • Do not delay medical treatment
  • Delaying too much can even be detrimental when it comes to a car accident. Do not wait for the pain to pass away! Visit your family physician for a rapid checkup, even if you apparently feel the pain is trifling. Save all records from the visit. If further medical attention is needed down the line or you see any specialists, keep those records, too.

  • Do not disclose details of the incident to anyone
  • Make sure to talk only to your insurance company and your lawyer about the incident. In case you receive a call from another insurance company or attorney, redirect them to your own attorney or insurance company.

  • Do not blindly say yes to the first settlement offer
  • Don’t make a decision of accepting a settlement offer before consulting with your attorney, even if it fits your needs. It is your injury attorney’s duty to make sure that you receive a deserving compensation.

  • Do not instantly accept an estimate
    In case you are dissatisfied with the estimate costs that your insurance company offers, you should hire an attorney to help receive what you deserve.
  • Do not think of not hiring a lawyer
  • It is always advisable to get a specialized lawyer to properly deal with an injury case. Here are certain benefits of hiring a car accident attorney:

  • Specialized knowledge of how the law works
  • With specialized legal training and experience, a car accident lawyer is the most befitting person to help you proceed smoothly in the case. You can cut down the waste of your time to do research.

  • To ease out the complexities of the case
  • It is the duty of an attorney to analyze the exact course of events that led to the accident. He takes the responsibility head on to appeal and fight for your right to reimbursement.

  • To help you get a deserving compensation
  • In order to demand fair compensation, you need to know your rights. A lawyer makes sure to add up every possible compensation you are owed. An experienced car accident attorney is sensitive to your subjective injuries like mental pain. So, he fights for it.

  • Best judge to decide whether a settlement offer is right for you
  • A car accident attorney has specific knowledge and practical experience in applying effective tactics to negotiate and arrange the best possible settlement for you.

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