You need not belong to the profession of law or medicine to realize how complicated medical malpractice cases can get! A basic knowledge on the medicinal practice as well as on this specific law might help you to win a case but cannot guarantee it.

Medical Malpractice claims in Florida are exceptionally strict. You need to adhere to a series of steps before attaining the right to bring your claim. Since these cases have a relatively shorter statute of limitations, you need to be cautious regarding any substantial delay as it might even lead to the loss of your right.

These claims deal with situations where a person, typically a patient has been wrongfully harmed or whose condition has been worsened in any way due to some form of faulty medical treatment. It also applies to cases where the patient is killed under such injudicious circumstances. In a nutshell, if any person who is a health-care provider deviates from the pre-established standard of treatment, medical malpractice can be claimed against him or her.

You can hire a malpractice attorney if you have been subjected such unfair medical treatment. However, to shed bit of the burden from your own shoulders, you need to ensure that you are seeking help from a proficient attorney. Also, make sure he or she is financially capable of combating the defense. Appoint certain medical specialists to corroborate the doctor’s misconduct. Have a discussion with your attorney to have a clear idea about your rights. Do it before you even confront the doctor or any risk manager in the medical center. Get started with an early investigation to avoid any loss of evidence.

Importance of Hiring a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

  • To save yourself from getting falsely sued
  • This is from the point of view of a healthcare provider. Even after following the “standard of care” for a patient’s treatment, you can be unfairly sued by his family. They might feel you are responsible for his death or deterioration of health since you did not use the latest drug or medicine. This recently-found drug was probably not tested, so does not fall under the established means of treatment. Still, the patient’s close ones are adamant to put the blame on you. Such cases are very common since the field of medicine is highly dynamic. In such a critical situation where the case is completely groundless, you need to desperately get in touch with a medical malpractice lawyer. That is your only hope.

  • As Practice of suing has become more common
  • It has almost become a common trend to sue people! There was a time when doctors were blindly respected. A word uttered by the doctor used to be the words of God. Gone are those days! The doctors were truly believed to be true and idealistic and were trusted to having made the right decision always. So, doctors did not need to contact a medical malpractice lawyer earlier, under such favorable circumstances! Nowadays, suing is a common option. Moreover, some people have their eyes on the abundant financial resources of the doctors or hospitals.

  • To safeguard your reputation
  • Reputation is a fragile thing. Even a slight stain can take away all your good deeds! Even more so for doctors. With the advent of Google Search, people can judge you easily reading the topmost sensational stories about you. The archives of the past editions in the newspapers are also do not let the common mass to forget about your stories. There are many sites as well such as Yelp, ZocDocs etc. that provide doctor’s reviews given in intricate manner. So, you need to make sure that the end result of the trial is your acquittal and not conviction!

  • As you need a specialist
  • Medical malpractice cases are extremely tough to handle. Medical malpractice cases typically involve medical issues that are far more intricate and sensitive than that in case of personal injury cases. The bitter truth is that in such cases, your chances of winning becomes faint. You are given only one chance! With only one shot at presenting your case to the insurer and to a jury, you want the most efficient lawyer in the town who has the highest probability of producing results in your favor. Thus, the most crucial part of the process of winning a medical malpractice case is to find a suitable and experienced medical malpractice lawyer. This way you can make sure to get a satisfactory compensation.

  • Cost factor
  • These cases are quite expensive. So, you cannot take the risk of hiring just any regular personal injury lawyer. Medical experts are pretty expensive. The cost of medical malpractice cases can rise up to thousands of dollars just to bring to trial. Well-equipped medical malpractice lawyers are aware of the high cost and prepared to carry on with the costs. Regular or less qualified lawyers may be hesitant or even financially incompetent to bear these costs. As a result, you might be pressured to give in for settlement of the case for some amount of money. The worst possible result might be the lawyer quitting the case in the midway.

  • To find a medical expert
  • Proficient malpractice lawyers know the right way to find genuinely qualified medical experts as witnesses. It is vital for every medical malpractice case for a medical expert witness to testify against the doctor that he deviated from the pre-set standard of medicinal care and committed malpractice. The case shall typically be dismissed without a proper witness. Finding an expert witness has its own share of challenges. Many doctors back out since they do not want to testify against a fellow doctor. Medical experts from different states might need to be contacted.

  • No respect for unqualified lawyer
  • Malpractice insurers mostly do not respect a plaintiff’s lawyer who is just any regular lawyer. This gets more apparent at settlement time. An experienced medical malpractice lawyer has the power to convince insurers to pay lump sum dollars that might be needed to settle a case.

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