No matter how severe your car accident case is, you should always hire a best car accident attorney rather than just an attorney. To ensure that you are well represented legally, you need an experienced car accident attorney. Only then shall your legal process be a seamless one that shall yield a favorable end result too.

There is no shortage of well-educated or well-versed attorneys today. However, there are certain other qualities that should also be taken into account while choosing an attorney. Along with the right skills, he should have a hard-earned reputation as well as experience. Refrain from choosing an attorney who mainly works with an insurance company because it is only normal for these attorneys to prioritize the interest of the insurance company rather than yours.

In order to find a top car accident attorney in South Florida, you need to do some research and comparisons. You can avail the free consultation to know the working mechanism of the lawyer.

Mark Schiffrin P.A. has been exclusively dealing with car accident cases and all the other types of Personal Injury Law cases since 1983. With a strong expertise in the field of Personal Injury Law, Mark Schiffrin P.A. forms one of the most well-reputed personal attorneys in South Florida. If you are genuinely looking for the best car accident attorney in South Florida, go for this law firm.

Why choose Mark Schiffrin P.A.?

Vast Experience

Mark has been practicing Personal Injury Law exclusively for a long time. He is an active member of the Florida Bar, The Association of Trial Lawyers of America and the Broward County Bar Association. With a whopping 30 years of experience, Mark has been dealing with all types of personal injury cases, especially car accident cases. He even has taken the role of the lead counsel for several of those cases. Such an unbeatable expertise makes Mark a top-level car accident attorney in the region of South Florida.

Easy Accessibility

Accessibility is one of the major professional traits maintained by Mark. He makes sure he is available for his clients at all times. He believes in updating his clients about the status of their respective cases on a constant basis. As a client, you shall be free to contact him whenever required. In case you are not able to contact him directly due to some issue, you have the option of leaving him a message. Mark shall get in touch with you the same day itself. Mark believes that a personal injury case is not only about providing the client with a proper settlement but also to deliver him with the best possible legal service.

Driven to help you out of concern

Mark is known for his genuine concern for the well-being of his clients. He provides a free consultation and does not charge you any fee unless you rightfully recover the money you deserve in the form of the compensation. During the free consultation, you are bound to receive the smartest legal advice pertaining to your claim. In case he feels beforehand that the outcome shall not be in your favor, he might advise you not to file a claim. There is no doubt he puts the client’s interest before anything else.

Since Mark has been a member of the Florida Bar right from the year of 1983, he is helping the residents in the South Florida area, namely in Broward County, Miami Dade County, and Palm Beach County.

His vast experience has helped him to deal with several types of personal injury cases that include automobile accidents. He has been the lead counsel on several cases in prominent cities such as Dania Beach, Hollywood, Pembroke Park, Hallandale Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

One of the most crucial theories that need to be established specifically in car accident cases is to prove that a party is at fault. This helps in determining the rightful person or party who has the liability to pay the compensation claimed by the injured and deprived party. Thus, hiring one of the best car accident attorneys like Mark Schiffrin is all you need to help you receive a deserving compensation.

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